Marcus Mazza

Marcus Mazza

Founder, Partner and  Comercial  Director 

Marcus Mazza has  more than 30 years of experience in the marine industry, offshore and onshore in the state of Rio de Janeiro, having served in positions of salesman, sales supervisor and sales manager in  the largest companies in this field.  

Mr. Mazza holds a bachelors degree  in law from FACHA and his vast knowledge and experience in the business is much appreciated by our clients.  


Marcus is fluent in Portuguese, French and Spanish.


silvio picture

Silvio Pimentel

 Partner and CFO

Silvio Pimentel has been Partner and CFO  in Conec-Rio since 1998.  Before joining Conec-Rio  he  held the position as  director and partner  of the shop Propilha  in Rio de Janeiro  1991 to 1998.   From 1987 to 1991 he was a  finance director in Papelivros- Papelaria e Livraria, a chain consisting of 13 shops in Rio de Janeiro. He worked 12 years as a finance assistant for Temd Tecnologia Ltda  in São Paulo from 1984 until coming to Rio de Janeiro in 1987. From 1975 to 1983 Silvio Pimentel worked in the company Concima S/A Construçoes Civisin  in São Paulo,  in the  company’s administrative and finance department.

Silvio Pimentel has a degree in Construction Technology from São Paulo State Technological College (FATEC) and in Business Administration from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo.



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